Science can only affect on the world if it escapes the ivory tower. Towards this end, I do a variety of other activities. I volunteer in UCSD’s Neuroscience Outreach Program and serve on its commitee, giving lectures and running workshops for students at underprivileged schools (pictured poorly above). As a panel moderator and organizer for ComSciCon San Diego 2018, I show scientists how to more effectively communicate with the public. As a member of the New Media committee for UCSD Neuroscience, I help run its social media presence.

I also write as a freelance science journalist. I got my start back in college, where I wrote for the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science, or DUJS. I wrote articles for all four years, rising through the ranks to run it as its president for two years. After leaving college, I realized I couldn’t stop writing. I now write independently for various popular scientific publications in my (little) free time. Some are academic, like NeuWrite SD, while some are private and for-profit, like Massive Science and Interstellate. You can find my past and present bylines and all of my articles below. I am a proud member of the National Association of Science Writers and the San Diego Science Writers Association.